In the past few decades, Oakland, California has really come into its own along the San Francisco Bay. It’s become a thriving artistic community with delicious eateries and beautiful weather. Many tourists want to vacation in California, but might not have a city pinned down. What makes Oakland stand out from other nearby cities? Here are a few reasons to visit Oakland this year.

Local Food Scene

Oakland’s thriving food scene is not new. There are a number of restaurants that have long existed and long been beloved of locals, such as Scott’s Seafood in the Marina District and Yoshi’s, known for their musical performances as well as their dining. Those restaurants are combined with a wide range of other spots beloved by locals and tourists alike. Looking for delicious Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine in a hip location? Check out Shakewell. Want a tasty brunch? Consider Hopscotch. Whatever your cuisine preferences or favorite ambiances might be, there’s a restaurant in Oakland for you. And conveniently within Sonoma Valley, the wine and beer scene is terrific, too.

The Entertainment Scene

Live entertainment is another thing that has been missed in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, but now that the world is starting to open up again, it’s the perfect time to see a show during your vacation. Oakland’s two most popular theatres are historic and retain much of their original charm, though they’ve been restored over the years. Fox Theater was first opened in 1928 and Paramount Theatre opened in 1931. They’re the classic art deco theatres with amphitheatres of padded seats and lush red curtains along the stage, the quintessential theatre experience. Fox Theater serves as mostly a music venue these days, while Paramount has a mix of movie screenings, plays, music and comedy acts.


Hitting the museums is a big part of any vacation, especially in Oakland. Here you’ll find the famous Oakland Museum of California that covers not just Oakland but the impact of California as a whole on culture. There’s also the Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment, proving that there’s a museum even for video game buffs. The African American Museum and Library in Oakland is well worth the trip, too, as well as the Museum of Children’s Arts.

Natural Beauty

Oakland is more than just cityscape. It also has sweeping nature scenes that outdoorsy visitors will love. The Redwoods Regional Park in Oakland, for instance, has the largest redwood trees in the Bay area. And it’s not the only place where you can find redwoods in Oakland. Check out Joaquin Miller Park for more, as well as for the outdoor Woodminster Theater where you can catch a summer musical. Even without redwoods, beautiful parks and a view of the bay make Oakland a scenic destination as well as an exciting one.

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