4 Oakland Restaurants You Have To Try

One of the best parts of any vacation is trying the food. You don’t have to visit a far off country to be excited by the cuisine. Every city has its own sort of flavor, and that’s certainly true for Oakland. Oakland is known for its warm, delicious soul food, […]

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3 Tips For Making a Cross-Country Road Trip to Oakland

Whether you’re just graduating high school, retiring, or anywhere in between, many people dream of the adventure of a cross-country road trip. There’s a thrill to making such a long journey with just you, your car, and maybe your friends or family. You can make as many stops as you […]

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Where To Shop in Oakland

Whether it’s nightlife, restaurants, or excursions during the day, Oakland has a thriving community to explore during your visit. And a big part of any vacation is the shopping trips. Whatever your interests might be — clothes, plants, colorful knick-knacks or books — you’re bound to find a place to […]

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6 Movies That Were Filmed in Oakland

Not all of California is Hollywood. In fact, Oakland is about 5 hours north of Universal Studios. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find scenes and settings from your favorite movies here. In fact, many movies were filmed right here in Oakland. While you’re visiting Z Hotel, in the heart […]

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4 Reasons to Visit Oakland, CA

In the past few decades, Oakland, California has really come into its own along the San Francisco Bay. It’s become a thriving artistic community with delicious eateries and beautiful weather. Many tourists want to vacation in California, but might not have a city pinned down. What makes Oakland stand out […]

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Tips For Planning Your First Post-Pandemic Vacation

The COVID-19 pandemic put an abrupt stop to everyone’s spring and summer vacation plans. Not only was there a fear of travelers getting sick themselves, but a fear of passing that sickness on to more vulnerable members of our community. It’s for that reason that most have spent the past […]

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