The COVID-19 pandemic put an abrupt stop to everyone’s spring and summer vacation plans. Not only was there a fear of travelers getting sick themselves, but a fear of passing that sickness on to more vulnerable members of our community. It’s for that reason that most have spent the past several months in quarantine or, at the very least, social distancing. But finally, the world is slowly starting to open back up and you can start to plan your vacation again. Here are a few tips for planning your first post-pandemic vacation.

Plan Flexibly

The coronavirus is a new virus, and one of the most frustrating elements about all of this is that even the experts haven’t known what to expect. No one has been able to give an accurate gage of when quarantine can safely end, and no one has been able to say with confidence that the virus won’t make a recurrence later in the year. It can be a helpful coping mechanism while you’re social distancing to plan your next vacation, something to look forward to. But make sure to be flexible and to plan far enough ahead that you can still change things if you need to, given the unprecedented nature of these times.

Check out the WHO Website

Just because restrictions are lifting doesn’t necessarily mean that travelers feel safe about leaving their homes after the pandemic. If you want a little more confidence, check out the official website for the World Health Organisation (WHO). They’re an international organization with all the information you need about epidemics and pandemics, as well as health and safety tips. The information on this website will help to prepare you so you can vacation with confidence.

Do Your Homework On Your Destination

Some travelers prefer to plan out every little detail of their trip, while others prefer to wing it. After months of going a little stir crazy at home, however, even planning a trip can be cathartic. So don’t be afraid to delve into details. What attractions do you want to see? What restaurants do you want to sample? Where do you want to stay? Start to really envision the trip in your head. Your plans may change once you’re there, but planning is half the fun.

Bring Protective Gear (and Hydrate!)

Even with the COVID-19 curve dominated, the virus will still linger for some time, so if you travel, you want to take precautions. Face masks and gloves are still a good idea, especially if you’ll be flying or taking the bus or train to your destination — rather than driving. Hand sanitizer is a good idea for any vacation, and even moreso now. And make sure that you drink lots of water to protect your immune system throughout the trip.

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